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"Take two truths and keep them in your pocket.
Take them out as the need arises.
Let one be: 'For my sake, the world was created.'
And the other: 'I am dust and ashes.'"
         ~Chasidic saying

A Quasi-Blog of Gospel Musings

Dust and Glory. An examination of the gospel's power to negotiate a uniquely fruitful Path of Life, avoiding along the way the pitfalls of both cynicism (the Path of Suicide) and utopianism (the Path of Homicide).

Living by Faith. A very short primer on the nature, character, and purpose of faith in the life of the Christian.

From Blessing Decreed to Blessing Indeed. Some thoughts on the Prayer of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:9-10).

God's Sovereignty and Human Responsibility. An examination of the remarkable implications of Jeremiah 18:1-12 for understanding the all-embracing extent God's sovereignty and the relationship between that sovereignty and our moral responsiblity and accountability.

An Interactive Response to H. Richard Niebuhrís Christ and Culture. An overview and examination of Niebuhr's classic book which sets forth the various stances assumed by Christians in their interactions with "the world."

Issues of Pauline Chronology Examined. An analysis of some of the pesky issues surrounding the Pauline chronology, and a suggested timeline which discusses the various data in Acts, Galatians, and 1 Corinthians touching on the early years of Paul's gospel ministry.

The Life and Letters of Paul. An outline of the life and letters of Paul organized chronologically, with notes and dates.

Justification. A very short primer on this key Christian doctrine.

A Service of Nine Lessons and Carols. Including readings and carols with selected verses; from the 2010 Christmas Eve worship service at Faith Presbyterian Church.

Practical Atheism. An interactive examination of Craig Gayís book, The Way of the (Modern) World, which is a fascinating exploration of the character of modern, secular society and its manifold anxieties, and the massive (and massively distorting) impact of these structures and outlooks on the church in its stance vis a vis "the world."

Prophet Profiles. Brief biographies of each of the Major and Minor Prophets, together with sketches of the historical situation during their respective ministries and outlines of the themes of their books.

The Sabbath Rest: Commemorating Creation, Anticipating Eternity. An examination of the biblical, theological, and practical reasons for celebrating the Lord's Day Sabbath, exploring the pattern of Sabbath-keeping which Jesus teaches us - specifically, that we should expend less energy devising ways and rules of "not working," and be far more concerned with viewing the day as an occasion and opportunity for bringing rest to others.

Tenebrae Service. A Tenebrae Service for Good Friday; from the 2012 Good Friday worship service at Faith Presbyterian Church.

The Thinklings Study Questions. Study questions for Faith Church's Christian book discussion group (including On the Incarnation, by Athanasius, and The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis).

The Westminster Confession and Catechisms. A harmonization of the Westminster Confession with the Catechisms, with notes.

What Does Grace Look Like in a Community of Sinners (Like You and Me)? What makes a community of louts and malcontents in fellowship with Christ different than any other human community of louts and malcontents?

What Is the Gospel? A brief overview of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Articles by the Pastor

Euthyphro, Godís Nature, and the Question of Divine Attributes - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. A three-part examination of the very complicated doctrine of divine simplicity.

Felled By Good Pleasure. A short biography of Theodore of Mopsuestia, and an examination of the condemnation of the grammatico-historical method of interpreting Scripture as it was developed in the exegetical school of Antioch.

Granting the Devil More than His Due. An examination of dualism, the devil, and the problem of evil.

Holding Forth and Holding Fast. An analysis of the history of revival, reaction, and schism in American Presbyterianism during the 18th and 19th centuries (when the First and Second Great Awakenings were followed by the Old Side, New Side and Old School, New School splits, respectively), as seen through the lens of one church.

The Problem of Evil in Non-Christian Formulations. An examination of the problem of evil as it has been formulated by different religions around the world; an analysis of the three basic "paths" of salvation they offer; and a discussion of their inadequacy and aggregate inconsistency.

Public Prayer in the Reformed Tradition. A brief examination of the nature, structure, and performance of public prayer in the writings of five Reformed sources.

A Re-Presentation of Reformed Theology. A paper on keeping Reformed theology relevant as we push on into the 21st century.

A Royal Garment for the Greater-One-than-David. An exegetical analysis of Isaiah 7:14 and the question of the meaning of the sign of Immanuel.

Seed, Sanctuary, and Salvation. An overview of the theologically rich themes of Isaiah 40-66, and a delving into the deep covenant dynamics by which God effects salvation for his people.

William Tyndale: Covenant Theologian, Christian Martyr - Part 1, Part 2. A two-part examination of the life and thought of the man who translated the Bible into English and paid for it with his life.

The Wisdom of Humility (and the Folly of Pride). An examination of pride, chief among the "deadly sins" for its subtlety and ruinous destructiveness; and of its great and opposite virtue, humility.

The Wisdom of the Reflected Light. An examination of Augustine's thoughts on divine illumination, as being both the necessary source of human wisdom and the essential precondition of human knowledge.

Useful Links

The Westminster Confession of Faith, to which this church subscribes as containing the system of doctrine as taught in Scripture.

A Harmony of the Westminster Standards, including the Westminster Confession of Faith, together with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms, compiled topically.

The Westminster Standards, including the Westminster Confession of Faith, together with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.

The Heidelberg Catechism, one of the great catechisms of the Reformed faith.

For a briefer statement of the beliefs of the Presbyterian Church in America go to http://www.pcanet.org/general/beliefs.htm.


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