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Our Heart:  The Gospel

The gospel of Jesus Christ is at the heart of everything
we do at Faith Presbyterian Church

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The gospel is the most powerful message of human liberation that has ever been proclaimed on earth. It is a message filled with the power of God to bring about the very thing it proclaims: freedom from bondage to the compulsions of our own sinfulness, freedom from fear of death's ultimacy, freedom to live boldly in the assurance of God's love for us. It is in short the announcement that the blessing for which all of us long -- more, better, richer, purer life -- is available to us, even now; and that this availability is all bound up in the person and work of Jesus, "the Christ, the Son of the Living God."

From the Greek word evangelion, the "gospel" literally means "good news." In ancient times, the evangelion would be proclaimed from city to city to celebrate the accession of the new king to the throne upon the death of the old. And that is exactly what is being proclaimed in the gospel of Jesus: the gospel is the joyful proclamation of the reign of Christ (literally, of God's "Anointed One"), who lived and died and rose again to glory.

In proclaiming the gospel, we are celebrating the reign of Christ our King, and the breaking-in of his kingdom into our midst, by the power of his Spirit, beginning a powerful work of transformation, preparing us for life in the restored cosmos of the future, whose restoration is fully underway even now, in and through us!

To read more about the remarkable implications of the gospel, for us and for the world at large, visit Dust and Glory, our "quasi-blog of gospel musings," consisting of a number of postings and articles by Pastor Grisham, together with some useful links.

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The Gospel   •   New Life   •   Fellowship


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