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Our Music Ministry

All that hath life and breath
Come now with praises before Him!

As in all things, so especially in our worship: we seek first and foremost to glorify God, and to do so with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Toward this end, music has always been an important and integral part of the worship of God's people. The music we sing and play in worship, therefore, strives to glorify God, and to do so with power, vitality, reverence, awe, and joy -- whether by singing traditional hymns or playing contemporary songs with guitar, bass, and drums.

In addition to the Worship Team, Faith Church has a number of music ensembles which practice at various times, including

  • Bass Camp: vocal parts training for hymns; meets Sunday mornings, 9:30-9:45 am (seasonal)

  • Faith Holiday Choir: our 20-member vocal ensemble that sings at worship services through the course of the year; weekly practice (seasonal)

  • Faith Quartet: our vocal quartet that sings at worship services through the course of the year (often accompanied by instruments); weekly practice (seasonal)

  • Relentless Faith: our youth jazz ensemble; weekly practice

  • Seasons Strings: our youth violin-and-viola ensemble; weekly practice (seasonal)

If you’re interested in sharing your vocal gifts and singing to God’s glory and praise, or if you’d like to share your gifts in instrumental music, please contact Rachel MacKay, Director of Music Ministry. See our Music Policy for more information about how you might share your gifts! And click HERE for more information about our worship service.

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